johan hovelynck

Johan Hovelynck (°1962) has worked since 2001 as an independent process consultant. He is primarily active as a team and leadership coach, often in the context of organizational development. In addition, Johan works part-time for the Center for Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology at the University of Leuven, where he teaches Group Dynamics and Methods of Group Decision-making.


Johan studied Organizational Psychology (KU Leuven) and Adult Education (VU Brussels). These studies combined with his experience in climbing and caving brought him to Outward Bound Belgium, where for 7 years he was responsible for management training. His focal points during this period were outdoor development training, facilitating experiential learning and integrating learning process in company systems and change management projects.


Interested in further developing his competencies as a trainer and consultant, Johan spent the next 7 years at the KU Leuven, involved in research and teaching about groups and organizations. This work resulted in a doctorate on process consultation and the facilitation of experiential learning, and a thorough understanding of action research, Appreciative Inquiry and multi-party collaboration.


Following the completion of his doctorate, Johan set up Triagram in order to continue his activities as a process consultant. He has since worked with various organizations in both the profit and social-profit sectors. Responding to customers’ growing demand, Triagram expanded its activities to include leadership training and coaching.


For larger projects, Johan regularly calls upon a network of competent colleagues including Ludo Keunen, Marc Peeters, Wim Vander Elst, Lieve Wens, Herman Wittockx... For multi-party projects, Triagram works with the Cycloop Network for Facilitation and Action Research in Multi-Actor Collaboration.