Are you interested in finding out more about the thinking behind process facilitation by Triagram? The following publications about learning, organizing and facilitating provide further insight.



  • Moving active learning forward (Hovelynck, 2003): publication of Johan’s keynote presentation at the international conference of the Association for Experiential Education in 2002, proposing a perspective on experiential learning and implications for process facilitation.




  • The group-in-the making (Bouwen & Hovelynck, 2006): proposes ‘the making’ of a group as a balanced and interwoven development of three types of conversation, aimed at task accomplishment, learning and development, and negotiating boundaries.


  • Developing space for diversity: an appreciative stance (Fry & Hovelynck, 2010): an inquiry into how communities of practice can develop the capacity to benefit from diversity, rather than have it be an obstacle. At once a presentation of some insights underlying ‘appreciative inquiry’.


  • Governance for Cradle-to-Cradle (Hovelynck, Dewulf & Sips, 2010): report on governance for sustainable materials management written for the C2CN Interreg IV project.