Triagram co-facilitates several open programs, mostly training programs focussed on learning, organizing and process consultation.



The following events are currently running or will be starting soon:




The following workshops are past yet give an idea of what’s possible:


  • Facilitating Multi-actor Collaboration for Sustainable Resources Management (2012, and earlier): a 9-day training course on the dynamics and facilitation of multi-stakeholder collaboration in issues regarding sustainable use of natural resources, organized by Cycloop and HU Brussels.
  • C2CN Governance Workshop (2010): a workshop on governance for the Interreg Cradle-to-Cradle Network, presenting the initial findings of a study on governance for a cyclical economy, based on clean-closed material loops.
  • National Adventure Education Conference, Finland (2012): presentation on current developments in Adventure Education and workshops on ‘debriefing’ activities in development training.
  • Appreciative Inquiry Links: multi-day workshops on Appreciative Inquiry for managers and consultants, offered in collaboration with Herman Wittockx, Bart Gevers and Lut Saelens.
  • NEPAL: multi-day workshops about experiential learning organized by the ‘Netzwerk Erlebnispädagogischer Projekte und Abenteuerlichen Lernens’. Participants are primarily secondary school and university teachers, and coaches.
  • FoUrTeams (2004): multi-day workshop about experiential learning organized by FoUrTeams, a partnership between 4 German outdoor training organizations.