Triagram facilitates the development and work of teams, organizations and broader collaborative networks. Its fundamental assumption is that work always consists of people working together and that teamwork rarely runs smoothly if only the task receives attention. The final result depends on the attunement among the people, groups or organizations involved. The relational context within which this attunement takes place is Triagram’s field of work.


Triagram’s approach is known in the field as ‘process consultation’. Practically, this implies facilitating the development of


  • Individuals: training and coaching of managers, trainers, consultants and others in whose work this relational process plays an important role.
  • Teams: stimulating the work and learning of teams. This can take the form of on-the-job coaching or an off-site program.
  • Organizations: helping spread and anchor developments throughout the larger organization. This work takes place mostly through individual and team coaching, with consideration of all stakeholders that are not present, and large-group interventions.
  • Multi-party collaboration: facilitating the collaboration between various parties who are involved and have a stake in a specific event. Typical for such collaborations between various organizations, groups and government authorities is the dynamics of behind-the-scenes constituencies.



At each of these levels, Triagram’s work is based on the experiences of the people involved. The exchange of these experiences, supported by Triagram’s expertise in developmental and organizational processes, sets the basis for collective action. Keywords in this approach are involvement, experiential learning, consultation and attuned action.